Books I Find at Work

I work at a library and find weird books sometimes.

Now think about what you’ve done.
I have been working at this library for almost two years and I have no idea where this goes. #booksifindatwork

Reblog this if you would watch a Wonder Woman standalone Movie


I want to see how much money WB is losing out on by being lukewarm about this

(via hexx-a-sketch)

Angela Lansbury in “The Mystery of Why You Can’t Put These Discs in Their Sleeves, Asshole.”
I’ll take “Children’s Book Titles That Might Also Be Heard at Frat Parties” for 1000 please
This is THE GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER FOUND. #booksifindatwork
Inside, these books are exactly the same. You know, seperate but equal. #booksifindatwork
Presented by Meow Meow Productions. I can’t make this stuff up. #booksifindatwork
+500 points to the library! #booksifindatwork
CRESCENT. DRAGONWAGON. #booksifindatwork